About Us

Daring to soar in diverse directions is the motto that motivates the Karupar Group.

A relentless commitment to quality, professionalism and energy is the successful combination that has assured us success in every venture.

The first company we started was Karupar Investments & Finance Pvt Ltd, established in 1997 at Chennai and Coimbatore. It offered two wheeler Hire-purchase loans and became a trusted brand. Happy with the phenomenal growth achieved, we decided to move onto new horizons and ventured into real estate with Karupar Enterprizes in 2000.

Karupar Enterprizes was instrumental in developing and promoting many residential and commercial projects in Chennai and Karaikudi. The commitment to quality and craftsmanship generated plenty of appreciation and goodwill.

In December 2002, Rau & Co, one of the oldest pharma distribution companies in Chennai was taken over by the Karupar Group and is a profitable business with a network of offices across Chennai. Jayanthi Agencies was another prominent pharmaceutical distributor in Chennai and their operations were taken over in 2007.

Chettinadd Karupar Housing is a joint venture between Chettinadd Housing and Karupar Enterprizes. Both have a track record of successful residential and commercial projects in Chennai and Karaikudi. This joint venture has led to the commencement of large projects that are efficiently moving towards execution and completion. Its latest venture was Chettinadd Karupar Thulasi Enclave.

The Karupar Group is helmed by dynamic professionals with an extraordinary vision to build a multi-dimensional business that spans various verticals. M. Renganathan, B.E., M.S, KR. Muthukaruppan @ Babu, B.A (Corp) , and KR. Ramaswamy, B.A (Corp) of Karaikudi AMKMK Family are the brains behind this fast growing group. Their in-depth knowledge of markets, technical expertise and business acumen has put the group on the upward growth spiral.